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From sealcoating and driveway paving, to cleaning and maintenance, 203 Driveway Sealing offers a wide range of driveway services in Fairfield, CT

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Sealcoating helps with keeping your asphalt driveway looking clean and new.  If there are minor cuts or scratches in the pavement, sealcoating can fill them to make the driveway look smoother and more even. However, sealcoating can also help extend the life of an asphalt driveway by as more than 10 years.

Quality sealant adheres to the pavement and helps to prevent moisture and harmful chemicals from prematurely deteriorating your driveway. If you have recently replaced your asphalt driveway, it is recommended to sealcoated it within 1 year.  By properly sealing your driveway, you will not only have a nicer looking driveway, but avoid costly replacements and repairs for many years to come.

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Driveway Sealing In Fairfield, CT

When asphalt driveways are regularly sealcoated and maintained properly, they will last much longer Not only does driveway sealing improve the overall look of your driveway, but it helps protect it from damage from the sun as well as chemicals such as gasoline and oil.

Sealing your driveway is also beneficial for waterproofing purposes. When a driveway is unsealed, water can get into cracks, and cause them to expand. While this may not seem too serious, these cracks will expand and start getting larger over time.

Your driveway, depending on the condition, should have asphalt resurfacing done every 1-3 years. This will help keep it protected for the hot summers and cold winters we experience in Connecticut.

Driveway Crack Repair Fairfield, CT

When it comes to repairing cracks in concrete and asphalt driveways, filling cracks is a must. This will prevent cracks from spreading and getting larger, but is highly recommended before sealing your driveway.

Not only are driveway cracks unsightly, but leaving them untreated can cause cause potholes, alligator cracking, or other expensive asphalt repair more about crack repair in Fairfield, CT!

Filling driveway cracks is not only beneficial for your driveway, but it is cost effective.  While it is best to have a trusted asphalt contractor repair any serious driveway issues, filling driveway cracks is easy for the average homeowner to do on their own.

Asphalt Driveway Repair Fairfield, CT

Asphalt is known to last for a long time, yet can eventually break down, even with proper maintenance. Over time the surface will become dry and brittle, and this is the sign that you need repair or complete asphalt replacement. Most asphalt repair is to help prolong the life of your driveway, and allows it to remain usable.

Common asphalt repairs include filling potholes, alligator cracks, linear cracks, depressions, and rutts.  While these issues can be fixed, it is important to take care of them before they get worse.

Repairing your asphalt driveway will buy you more time, but you are going to eventually need to replace it. When this comes, you can count on 203 Driveway Sealing to help with all your asphalt driveway repairs and replacement needs in Fairfield, CT.

Residential & Commercial Driveway Paving Fairfield, CT

When it comes to maintaining and repairing your driveway, only so much can be done before it needs to be repaved. 203 Driveway Sealing can resurface or repair your home’s existing driveway, or pave you a brand new driveway.

203 Driveway Sealing provides reliable asphalt driveway paving in Fairfield, CT. If you’re in need of an asphalt paving contractor for new a driveway paving, resurfacing, driveway extension, and more, we can help. Contact us today for an asphalt paving quote!

Driveway Cleaning & Power Washing Fairfield, CT

Tired of looking at oil stains and other dirty spots on your driveway? 203 Driveway Sealing offers power washing and driveway cleaning services in Fairfield, CT.

Proper maintenance of a driveway includes routinely cleaning it to prevent stains or harmful chemicals from absorbing into the asphalt. Before filling cracks and sealcoating, the driveway must be free of any dirt and debris.

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Driveway Sealing Information

Looking to get your driveway sealcoated in Fairfield?  Most homeowners looking to seal a driveway often have a number of questions regarding the process, and other common aspects of driveway sealing.  Below are the most common driveway sealing questions we get from our customers.

Why Should You Seal Your Driveway?
It is recommended to sealcoat your driveway to not only make your driveway look nicer, but it will prolong its life.  Sealing a driveway helps prevent moisture from getting into small cracks, protects it from the sun’s harmful rays, and provides a surface to keep harmful chemicals like oil and gasoline from ruining the surface. 
When Is The Best Time To Seal Your Driveway?
The best time to seal a driveway is typically in the warmer months, May – September.  This is because the hotter temperatures allow the driveway sealant to properly dry and cure in a quicker period.  Driveway sealant needs to be applied when the temperature is higher than 50, and when there is no rain in the forecast after applying.
How Often Should Your Driveway Be Sealed?
It is recommended to seal your driveway every 1 – 3 years.  In Connecticut, we get all 4 seasons, which means that your driveway can take a beating in the winter and summer.  Based on this, we recommend that your driveway be sealed every other year to help ensure proper protection from the elements.
How Long After Your Driveway Is Sealed Can you Park On it?
It is recommended to keep vehicles off a driveway for at least 48 hours after it has been sealed. This is based on the sealing is done in the warmer months (June – August). 

If the sealcoating is applied in the cooler months (May, September, October) then it is best to wait 72 hours for the sealant to properly cure. 

What Is The Best Temperature To Seal A Driveway?
The best temperature to seal a driveway is anything above 50 degrees over a 24 hour period.  This allows the seal to properly cure. This means the best time to seal a driveway would be between May and October.

When the temperature is too hot however, the driveway needs to be cooled before any sealing is performed. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Driveway Sealed?
The cost to seal a driveway is dependent on how large your driveway is, how much prep work is needed, and the type of sealant that is being applied.  Most driveway sealing contractors charge by the square foot, so it is best to consult a driveway sealing specialist for a quote.
How Soon Can It Rain After Sealing A Driveway?
It is best to seal your driveway at least 72 hours prior to any rain depending on the time of year.  In the warmer months, most recommend sealing a driveway a minimum of 48 hours prior to any rainfall. 
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